Guest Policies

The member is responsible for the general conduct and appropriate attire of his/her guests while on the Club grounds. It is expected that the guest will be advised of the Club rules by the member.

North Shore Country Club is a non-smoking facility. Smoking is not permitted. 

Cellular Phone Usage
The club has a cell phone policy that emphasizes being discreet during usage. Please limit your cellular phone usage to emergencies only when dining in the restaurant or lounges. Cellular phone conversations are disturbing to other diners who are seated nearby.

Personal Belongings
The Club shall not be responsible for any lost or mistaken items.

Pets are not permitted on the Club grounds. Seeing-eye dogs are permitted for disabled persons.

Grille Room, Circle Bar and Grille Terrace
Informal attire including golf and tennis clothes are permitted. Swimwear, tee-shirts, blue jeans, denim and cut-offs are not allowed.

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low: 15º F
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